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Exclusive Services

Our current selections of printing mediums and their uses

Gloss White Substrate

The Gloss White surface will make photos appear "shinier" will result  in colors to be more vibrant and have more "pop"

Semi-Gloss White Substrate

Semi-Gloss White will also make photos appear more vibrant and have a similar "pop" effect as the Gloss White but with lower surface reflectivity. This gives the ability to place these prints in rooms with more light sources and not have as much glare as traditional Gloss White substrates.

Clear Gloss Substrate

Clear Gloss aluminum panels give a more metallic look to any print.  

Matte White

Matte White surfaces have lower reflectivity allowing customers to place is well lighted rooms.  The reflectivity is much lower allowing viewing from all angles while reflected light is diffused instead of focused back onto the viewer.

Let's Work Together

Send your picture to for a quick review and suggestion for the best type of substrate suited to your needs!

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